WNBA x Supreme New York
Built Different

The WNBA has momentum, but needs a way into the cultural conversation. So ahead of the 2024 season, we’re partnering with Supreme New York to host the Built Different All-Star Streetball Game at Rucker Park in New York City. 

Guerrilla Campaign 

Wildposting and branded backboards across all 5 boroughs of New York City tease the all-star game. A QR code on posters takes viewers to a locked countdown page. 

PR + Social Conversation
The Reveal 
The day of the Built Different All-Star Game, the locked countdown page will unlock to reveal the location of the event: Holcombe Rucker Park in Harlem - the epicenter of street basketball in the United States.

The Court

We’ll wrap the center court at Rucker Park in WNBA x Supreme branding.

Event Merchandise
At the game, we’ll sell a limited edition Supreme x WNBA t-shirt and baseball hat.

On opening weekend for the WNBA, we’ll sell the event merchandise online, but to access, users will first have to answer WNBA trivia.

Credits (A-Z): Shanice Aga, Taylor Bendus, Amber Bills, Cat ClarkAnari Fleming, Max Warren