Taco Bell
Eating in Your Car Club

There’s an air of shame around eating in your car. To help change that, Taco Bell is creating an exclusive rewards club for car-eaters.


Messaging disguised as parking tickets teases the club, and directs customers to download the Taco Bell app. 

Join The Club
Customers can take to their Taco Bell app to apply to join the club. 

Welcome Message 

New members will be notified of their acceptance to the club with an exclusive in-app welcome message. 

New Member Package

New members receive a kit full of merchandise and exclusive products that optimize the eating-in-the-car experience. 

Club Perks 

All club members get a parking pass for members-only parking spots, and to gain access to members-only drive-thru lines at participating Taco Bell locations.

Take 5 Car Wash Partnership

Being a member of the club unlocks a free monthly interior car was at Take 5 Car Wash. 

Influencer Partnership

We’ll partner with influencers already known for eating-in-the-car content like Queen Beast, Malia Elaine and Luke Foods, letting them in to the club early to create promotional content across their channels.

Credits (A-Z): Cat Clark, Bella Piasentin, Kyle Rayo