JetBlue A321
We Stand With Legs

To highlight the 2 extra inches of legroom the JetBlue A321 offers over its competitors, we made a campaign for legs.

Celebrity Spokesperson
To get attention for our campaign, we’ll enlist the help of a celebrity who puts her legs first (and has a $2 million insurance policy on them) - Heidi Klum. We’ll tease her involvement in the campaign on social.

Airport Experience 
In major JetBlue hubs we’ll create an exclusive experience for JetBlue A321 passengers: The Leg Room, offering leg massages, recliners, and refreshments. 

Scanning your boarding pass to enter The Leg Room unlocks a message from our spokesperson, Heidi Klum.

In-Flight Experience

All A321 passengers will be treated to an in-flight First Class Legs Package, complete with compression socks, lotion, and a even a razor.

Post-Flight Experience

A321 passengers will be greeted by an exclusive Uber Comfort offer after deplaning.

Product Innovation

JetBlue and Away will team up to create the Scootcase, a rideable suitcase for adults that ensures door to door leg comfort. 

Credits (A-Z): Cat Clark, Cameron Norman, Bryce Randall